Toddlers and Tiaras

New FamilyIt started the day she was born.  Her tiny eight pound seven ounce frame could manipulate and “melt” a 180 pound, six-foot tall man.  There in the delivery room of the hospital she grabbed his pinky . . .  and he was “hooked”.  As the years went by, her captivating smile and sweet persuasions helped her in receiving most of what she wanted in life.  Her mother on the other hand, was not so impressed by this maneuver, and felt dethroned as Queen of her own castle.Continue Reading

Pondering Prayer

Whether you are a believer in a specificpondering-woman religion or not, there is one thing that always amazes me.  When in doubt or in need of something that is bigger than we can handle, we ask for prayer.  This is also true if we hear or see someone in pain or despair, we suggest that we will pray for them . . .  I certainly have been on both sides of that conversation.   Continue Reading

War on Women

Upon watching the recent headRosielines I am reminded that the movement of equality, freedom and feminism has failed miserably.  Case in point Monica and Hilary.  I remember when this story first broke in 1998, being outraged that everyone thrust all the blame on Monica, not the man, who just happened to be president of the United States.

This flew in the face of what I grew up believing about feminism.  Continue Reading